5 Holy Grail Lip Shades You Have to Try This Winter

Jan 6, 2021

Your eyes might be the windows to your soul, but your lips and an amazing lipstick to set them off can make people stop and say, “Wow!”

And, with the cold winter winds whipping through the air, your lipstick can do double duty and keep them not just looking great but moisturized and conditioned so they feel great too.

With that in mind, we’ve put together our list of the five Holy Grail lip shades you have to try this winter that are perfect for the season to help you eliminate the trial and error and find your perfect pick.

#1 – Vino Noir

Does the winter time make you think of sitting next to a roaring fire, sipping a glass of wine with the one you love?

It does for us too!

That’s why our top pick of lip shades for the season is the rich, wine color of our Vino Noir.

Its burgundy goodness is perfect no matter your skin tone to really set off your pout-maker. And, the matte texture will take you from day to evening to all night long.

#2 – Sex on Heels

Want to go for a little more subdued while still screaming sexy? Sex on Heels with its taupe glow will kick your natural rosiness up a notch or two, giving you a glowing complexion.

This shade is perfect for keeping you from looking washed out despite the lack of sun during the winter and adds the hint of warmth you’ve been looking for.

#3 – Role Model

With an undertone of peach, Role Model is a can’t miss whether you’re ultra-fair or have darker skin to bring out your unique, natural beauty.

And, it’s soft, matte finish allows your lip’s natural texture to shine through, while warming your complexion.

#4 – Nearly Naked

You might not be able to hit the beach this winter but you can go bare with our Nearly Naked Lip Gloss.

It’s light pink glow and subtle shine is a universal favorite for all times of the year and will leave your lips looking fresh, full, radiant, and yes… kissably soft.

You can wear it alone or layer it on top of one of your other shades to change the effect.

#5 – Russian

No discussion of the best lipstick shades for winter would be complete without going red. And, hands-down, the most gorgeous red is our smooth, creamy Russian Lipstick Extreme.

This classic shade not only brings out the brightness of your complexion but can add a dose of happy to the long, grey days ahead.

And, since it’s formulated to last without drying out your lips, it can stand up to the dry air and winds you’re sure to be facing in the months ahead.

 One Rule

Of course, no matter what shade or shades you choose to upgrade your winter look, be sure to prepare your lips to look their best with our Eye & Lip Primer. It creates a perfectly smooth canvas and nourishes lips for a flawless canvas and no feathering.



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