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Age-defying Skincare

Introducing our Age-Defying skincare line, the ultimate solution to combat the signs of aging. We understand that aging is inevitable, but that doesn't mean we have to live with it. Our powerful formulas combine botanical ingredients that work together to not only stop the visible signs of aging but also reverse the damage that has already been done.


Get ready to have the hair of your dreams! At Miracles & More, we don't settle for anything less than the best. Our top-notch haircare products use only the most premium and natural ingredients. Plus, we know how important safety is to you. That's why we never add Parabens or Sulfates to our formulas. And how about style? No worries! Our products are Color Safe and Thermal Protectant, giving you the flexibility to play with your hair however you want.
We returned to the secrets of nature and science to create our exclusive haircare line. It's packed with botanical and science-based ingredients such as Biotin, ProVitamin B5, and a blend of eleven amino acids to provide unparalleled strengthen, repair, and conditioning mastery to your locks.
The results are truly remarkable! Say goodbye to bad hair days and hello to thicker, healthier, and luscious hair. Start your journey to the ultimate haircare experience today!

Collagen & Vit.E Enriched Cosmetics

Get ready to experience the magic of flawless skin with our incredible range of primers, luxurious foundations and BB creams! Our top-notch formulas are guaranteed to leave your skin looking miraculously beautiful. We take pride in crafting cosmetics that are top-of-the-line, made with only the highest-quality pigments and ingredients. Best of all - our products are Paraben free, Hypo-allergenic, Non-comedogenic, and Fragrance-free, so you can be confident that your skin is getting the royal treatment it deserves!


Our Skin Perfecting Foundations & Powders have you covered. Lightweight, Full Coverage, Longwearing Formulas. Paraben free, Hypo-allergenic, Fragrance Free & Sensitivity Tested.

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Your Eyes are the windows to your soul, so let's make them look utterly amazing with our outstanding highly pigmented Eyeshadows, Mascaras, Eyeliners & Pencils.

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Our Creamy, delicious, long wearing lipsticks contains Vitamin E and a touch of natural extract of Vanillin to soothe and heal your lips. Hi-gloss, Cream, Pearl and ultimate longwear matte.

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Nothing can look better than a natural looking make up enhanced by our beautiful and natural powder or creamy blushers.

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From our customers


As a Dermatologist of over 25 years, I am rarely impressed by new products entering the ever-crowded skin/haircare market. However, having personally tried the Miracles & More line, I can emphatically rejoice in saying that they are some of the best products that I have ever been introduced to! Not only are the ingredients (and packaging) luxurious, but are infused with natural essential organic oils and are created without animal testing!One of my absolute favorite new products is theMiracles & MoreVital Complexion Hair Deep Conditioner.  I have always suffered with unruly frizzy hair, having to regularly seek out a keratin smoothing treatment.  This is THE BEST deep conditioner I have ever tried (and it smells fantastic)!  Kudos for the SPF 50 daily sunscreen to not only ward off aging, but skin cancer as well!  Everyone who is on my Holiday "nice" (or only slightly naughty) list will be getting one of these amazing products from Santa!  

Miracles More Hair Vital repair Deep treatment
Dr.MonaMofid, Dermatologist Medical Director, American Melanoma Foundation
San Diego, CA

"So happy about the new hair care products. I have curly/wavy medium textured hair. I do not shampoo everyday as it is too harsh on my hair, and not needed. The shampoo has just enough sudsing action to move it around the hair easily. I enjoy the mild scent, and the actual clean feeling of my hair. The mask is so moisturizing, which I need and smells wonderful. The curl crème is just right. My hair is soft and touchable, no added weight, holds up to the high humidity here in Maryland. Well done on the hair care, you did not disappoint!!

miracles and more | curl defining hair collection |
Ashley Melichar
Annapolis, MD

"You did it again!! I love ALL your products and I can’t wait to order more!  I want to give you my standing ovation for the hair products….My 54 year old, colored hair was not happy with me until this morning.  All of a sudden, my hair embraced the nourishment your shampoo and conditioner gave it.  The clean smelling scent was intoxicating and the fly aways- flew away!"

miracles and more | age defying | hair collection
Linda K
Coronado, CA

"Your skincare products have become some of my all-time favorites. I absolutely love the soothing feel and smell of your Chamomile Face Wash. The toner is fantastic and so hydrating that I like to spray it on multiple times throughout the day. And your Active eye cream and Collagen Plus creams are my go-to at night. With all that said, my fave of all time is your Hydrating Mango Face Cream.

miracles and more | mango butter | face hydrating cream |
Robinson, Texas

"I am amazed at the skin care products. First off, I have acne prone/combination skin, damaged skin from past breakouts, and the sun. With all of this going on, I have found the Chamomile Cleanser to be a perfect balance for my skin. Not too dry, not too oily, perfect balance and gentle, yet cleans all of my makeup right off. I appreciate the ease and simplicity of using the cleanser as well. The Exfoliate is smoothing but super gentle for my sensitive skin. I have significant improvement in less blackheads and less breakouts in general.

miracles and more | acne stop | skincare collection |
Coronado, CA

"I truly love your natural products and my skin has never looked better. As a suggestion, could you kindly please look into using more earth friendly/ recyclable, or compostable, packaging?"

miracles and more | age defying | skincare collection |
Gisela A.
Delray Beach, FL

Love their Makeup and Skincare programs!! The fact that their makeup is super safe for your skin and if you are a fan of a natural but polished, clean look, this is the place. You get personalized makeup and skincare bundles! Amazing!!!

Mama Mia
Los Angeles, CA

"Thank you so much for the gift! It speaks volumes about you as a person Ms. Sara! Have a great day and Bless You for your kindness!"

miracles and more| lip balm treatment |
Gena A
Forney, TX

"LOVE IT because it’s cruelty free, great quality, and they have an option to subscribe on their website for the membership for bunch of perks and goodies and skincare personalized programs ( must check that!!!) My favorites are their personalized skincare bundles (anti age) and their makeup correctors and lipsticks are my favorites as well as makeup bundles. Seeing them on Elle UK and British Vogue was just a glimpse of what they offer!! Awesome skincare line that will save your funds from wandering around and wasting your $ on a whole bunch of skincare offers that we have on this oversaturated market."

miracles and more | anti aging | face collection|
Natasha Kojic
Los Angeles, CA


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