Miracles & More's Story

It all started with a little dream I had. A dream of a world where women could be anything and everything they want. A world where women were treated equally, with respect, grace, and elegance. I know it's hard to imagine how tough it is to be a woman living in a middle eastern society, but I am here to assure you, it's very tough and to be able to accomplish your dreams as a woman there, is exactly the reason why I came up with the slogan “Believe in all the miracles you can be and more.” It wasn't at all easy for me, It was a long, hard-fought journey.

Growing up in Egypt, life was beyond challenging for a young girl. The pressure to conform and follow strict cultural traditions was stifling. From the way I dressed to how I was strictly raised surrounded by rules and regulations that only apply to girls, it felt like my life was mapped out before me, and at some point it felt like there was no way out. But I always believed I am stronger than that. I've always wanted a better life for myself, and later on, a better life and future for my daughters as well. After moving to Kuwait with my husband in 2006, I realized that most women there also live their entire lives doing things that others believe are appropriate, and if they refuse to comply to the rules, they are harassed and cannot voice their grievances. It was hard to believe that most parents in Kuwait send their daughters to public schools or inexpensive private ones while letting their sons attend better schools! The reason? Girls will get married anyway and won't have to work, therefore, they do not require as much education as boys do. Being a girl or a woman in the Middle East is difficult, to say the least, and even if you do not like it, you must follow the rules dictated to you.

We did not like that life, and we did not want our girls to grow up in a society that forced them to be "less" in everything they did. No matter how intelligent they were or how hard they worked, they would always be perceived as just women, “the minority” in their society. With this in mind, I used my time to study online, as my husband always encouraged me to, and I obtained a Master degree in English Literature from the AIU in Hawaii before I decided enrolling in Formula Botanica's Organic Skincare and Haircare Formulation program in the United Kingdom to start my journey in skincare formulation. I didn't just settle for living my life based on someone else's rules. Once my husband and I agreed to relocate to the United States in 2018, I was elated to provide my daughters with a better life and I can now say that owning my skincare and cosmetic line in the USA is nothing short of miraculous.

I believed in myself and worked hard for years to change my life and give my girls a better existence. I wouldn’t have accomplished anything or reach where I am today without my husband’s support and faith in me. He is the one who encouraged me to follow my dreams and he is always the one who tells me not to give up even when everything just seems like it’s not working, he is always the one who gives me hope and gives me all the power to keep going. That's where the name came from, because he’s the one who always tells me to believe in all the miracles I can achieve and the slogan encourages all women to do the same, with the belief that women can attain everything they aspire to, and more!

The logo itself depicts a woman in the shape of a tree. Her roots run deep into the soil, representing the traditions and cultures that shaped me, while also embracing the strength, freedom, and faith of having a better life. Every woman is a miracle, and we can be anything we want to be if we only believe.


Sara Ali 

Owner & Founder of Miracles & More Cosmetics