Beauty 101: How to Choose the Perfect Shade of Blush for Your Skin

Jan 16, 2021
Choose the Perfect Shade of Blush

Done right, blush can leave you looking vibrant, radiant and gorgeously youthful. But choose the wrong shade or miss on the application and you can end up looking like you ate a chili pepper.

So how do you get that perfectly flirty flush?

Well, we’ve got your back.

Here’s how to not only choose the shade that’s right for you, but also apply your blusher like a pro.

Finding just the right shade

The first step to determining which shad of blush works for you is to take a look at your skin’s undertone. Put simply, your blush should have the same tones and colors as your complexion without you makeup on. The best way to find your undertone is to look at your chest or neck or even the palms of your hands.

For light or fair skin, you’ll want to decide if your undertones are a peachy pink or have more of a rosy pink color. For skin that’s darker, are you gloriously golden or richly rosy?

If you see peachy or golden undertones, you’ll want to go for a blush that brings them out, with a peach or orange tone of its own. If your complexion glows with pinks or roses, blush that is either pink, magenta or a rosy gold will work best for you.

Here’s an easy guide plus blush selections to go with each skin tone:

For deep skin tones, try a blush with a burnt orange background, like Drizzle.

If your tone is medium or tan, the peachy perfect look of High Five will bring out your best.

For a lighter skin tone, Unsung’s glorious pink shade can’t be beat.

And here’s a bonus…

If you love a brighter, jewel-toned shade with a hint of shimmer, like Curvy, go for it! This blush is universally flattering.

How to expertly apply your blush

Now that you know which blush to choose, let’s go over the application basics that take your blusher from a compact that sits at the back of your makeup drawer to daily perfection.

First, be sure to start your application two fingers from your nose. Any closer to the center will age your face.

Next, sweep on your blush using a makeup brush and sheer layers so that you can build your pigment and bring dimension to your face. Apply up and out, sweeping toward the top of your ear.

Finally, be sure to blend, blend and then blend again.

This softens your blush, diffusing its edges so that your complexion is highlighted and there are no harsh lines to mar the finish.

Blush perfection

And remember…

When it comes to applying makeup, practice makes perfect.

So play with your new shade until you achieve that miraculous look you truly want.

Stay beautiful, stay safe, and love your beauty every day!

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