Expert Tips for Using Sheet Mask to Get Glowing, Gorgeous, Miraculously Beautiful Skin

Jan 6, 2021

Sheet masks are all the rage and for good reason…

These skincare stables are infused with potent actives and serums, which their advanced design allows to absorb more deeply and effectively into your skin by preventing evaporation.

This means you get bigger benefits and can see a true transformation in your skin each time you look in the mirror.

However, while using a sheet mask may seem simple – just open and apply to your face – the truth is that there are things you should do both before and after masking, as well as things your shouldn’t do when masking to get the most out of your sheet mask.

Here are the in’s and out’s of sheet mask use to get glowing, gorgeous, miraculously beautiful skin.

#1 – Prep your skin

First, it’s important to remember that before you pop on that mask, you must perfectly cleanse and tone your skin. This ensures that there are no dirt, oils, makeup or other impurities to block the absorption of the essences in the mask and that your pores are open and clear, ready to receive all of that sheet mask goodness.

Before we mask, we start with a double cleanse using our Young & Pure Botanical Cleansing Lotion, which dissolves those oils, followed by our Chamomile Face Wash to thoroughly cleanse and degrease the skin.

Next, spritz Face Toner onto a cotton round and whisk across your skin and you’re prepped and ready!

#2 – Pat down

Once your skin is cleansed and toned to perfection, it’s time to apply your mask of choice.

If you haven’t gotten the chance to try it yet, check out our brand new Instant Firming Sheet Mask.

Infused with green tea, white willow bark, hyaluronic acid, MSM and aloe, this mask goes to work to instantly firm and lift your skin to leave it glowing, radiant and deeply moisturized and revitalized.

To properly apply the mask, make sure it adheres to your face by gently patting the mask down on your skin, ensuring that all the cut-outs match your eyes, nose and mouth. Then take the time to smooth the entire mask down over your skin

The more it clings, the more the actives in the mask are able to penetrate your skin, absorb deeply and do their work to create real transformation.

 #3 – Time it

While it might be tempting to think that more is always better, in the case of sheet masks, that’s simply not true. In fact, once the mask begins to dry out, it can actually begin to suck those beneficial active and moisture back out of your skin, defeating the purpose of the mask.

So instead of leaving the mask on for an hour as you take a nap, time your masking. We suggest setting your timer for 20 minutes to give your sheet mask long enough to work, without drying out.

#4 – Don’t miss a drop

Once your time is up, you can still grab more benefits from your sheet mask.

Simply squeeze the sheet mask gently to drip the last of its serums onto your skin and pat in gently to take advantage of every last drop. You can also use the mask’s essences on your neck and décolletage.

#5 – Finish your routine

Finally, be sure you don’t skip the other steps in your skincare routine after masking.

While the actives in the mask can take the place of your serum, you should still follow with your eye cream and moisturizer to lock in the hydration and actives and prevent evaporation.

We love to wrap up our mask time with our Active Eye Cream, along with Hyaluronic Acid Moisturizer to take our skin hydration to the next level.

Mask Up!

So if you haven’t tried a sheet mask now, mask up to stop missing out.

And if you’re already a sheet mask lover, be sure to check out our Instant Lifting Sheet Mask. You’re sure to fall in love all over again.



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