Glam Makeup Looks for New Year’s Eve 2022

Dec 29, 2022

If you’re ready to ring in the New Year looking more glamorous than ever, there’s no better way to do it
than with glittering eyes, dramatic lips and blushing cheeks. So how can you perfect your makeup for
when the clock strikes midnight?
We’ve put together some of the top makeup trends for New Year’s Eve 2022.

#1 – A Plum Lip
Although red lipstick is a classic, to truly stand out this New Year’s, it’s time to try plum instead. Plum
shades not only pair perfectly with a bold eye shadow, they also make your lips look fuller.
For the perfect plum, we recommend our Miracles & More Lip Gloss in Bling Bling. It’s deep and rich
with a perfect gloss for that perfect polished finish.

#2 – Shimmery Eyes
It truly doesn’t get any more glamorous than a subtle shimmer. That’s why for New Year’s Eve, why not
let your eyes shine like stars with our Shimmery Eye Shadow in Shiver.
Simply dust it on your lids and let your glamour speak for itself.

#3 – A Glitzy Glow
Next, get glowy makeup by applying a liquid highlight to your cheekbone, Cupid’s bow (the top part of
your upper lips, right where they come together), chin and the bridge of your nose.
Our favorite highlighter for the holidays is our Glowing Highlighter in Movie Star.
Pair it with ultra-glossy lips and a shimmery eye shadow and all eyes will truly be on you.

#4 – Pretty Pink
Need to take your New Year’s look from day to night?
Pink is the answer.
A pretty pink shadow paired with perfect pink lips look equally good whether you’re rockin’ the day or
celebrating all night.
So for a pretty wash of pink, go four our Matte Eye Shadow in Lover.
And pair it with one of the perfectly pink shades found in our Forever Pink Mini Lipsticks Gift Sets.
With two new pink shades - Flannel and Door Prize - along with our Miracles Fans' favorite Shade
Beloved to choose from, you’re sure to find the one you’ll love all the New Year.

#5 – Precise Eyeliner

Finally, whatever your look, be sure to add a sweep of black eye liner to make your eyes pop even more.
To create a sharp, clean line, our Mechanical Eye Pencil, applying from the middle of your upper lash line
to the outer corner and repeating on the other eye.
Waterproof and smudge-proof, it will give you a precise line that lasts all night long.

Wishing You a Miraculous New Year
Now, go out and rock your look and be your glamorously beautiful best.
And most of all, have a miraculous New Year!

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