New Year’s Skin Care Resolutions to Keep You Glowing in 2021

Jan 9, 2021

New Year’s Skin Care Resolutions

Whether caring for your skin has always been a struggle, or you just want to put your best face forward in 2021, there’s no better time for making resolutions than the beginning of the New Year.

So, let’s revamp that old skincare routine for healthy, glowing skin and a clear, radiant complexion all year through with six of the best and easiest New Year’s skin care and beauty resolutions to help you leave your skincare woes behind.

#1 – Say goodbye to the old

The very first resolution to make in 2021 is to get rid of all of those old skin care and cosmetics products cluttering your bathroom that you either don’t use or have passed their “best by” date.

Also, be sure to toss out any products that have changed color, smell, or even texture. And to make sure that your New Year’s skincare routine is clean and natural, rid yourself of every product with ingredients like sodium lauryl sulfate (SLS), parabens, phthalates, aluminum, and butylated hydroxyanisole (BHA).

#2 – Restock with the new

Now that you’ve given your bathroom cabinet an update and a bit more space, it’s time to stock your beauty bag with products that are 100% clean and natural.

By going green in your beauty routine, you not only take a stand for the planet, but can also transform the health and beauty of your skin. Clean beauty focuses on ingredients that work and are supremely effective, without the hidden chemicals and toxins of the past.

Brands like Miracles & More are redefining clean beauty, so that you can let your own beauty shine, without worrying about what you’re putting on your skin.

#3 – Drink up

If you really want to have radiant, healthy-looking skin (and don’t we all?), getting enough hydration each and every day is a must!

Drinking water keeps your skin elastic, your cells plumped and fine lines and wrinkles smoothed. So shoot for 2 liters of water per day for gorgeous skin.

#4 – Never go to sleep with you makeup on

 Let’s face it…

We’ve all hit the sack without washing off the makeup, dirt, and other impurities that cake our face. But skipping your nighttime cleanse can leave your pores clogged, resulting in stretching, sagging and wrinkles!

So before you head to bed, head to the bathroom for a double cleanse.

To make it as fast and effective as possible, start with Miracles & More Young & Pure Botanical Cleansing Lotion, which uses coconut and sugar beets to dissolve your makeup.

And follow with our Chamomile Face Wash to break down oils, whisk away hidden dirt and balance your skin’s ph.

#5 – Moisturize regularly

Hydrated skin is healthy, beautiful skin. And the best way to lock in deep down hydration is to apply moisturizer to your skin morning and night.

Choose from:

Each of these moisturizers delivers long-lasting hydration while addressing your individual skincare needs.

#6 – Try a sheet mask for instant firming

Firm, lifted, glowing skin is the goal of any skincare routine. And to help you hit that goal, add in a powerful sheet mask, like the Miracles & More Instant Firming Sheet Mask, which moisturizes and revitalizes skin, while giving it the boost it needs to look its best.

Infused with aloe, hyaluronic acid, green tea and white willow bark plus MSM and organic rooibos leaf extract, the actives in the mask go to work to soothe skin, even tone and brighten your complexion.

Relax with a mask three times a week to see the most transformative benefits.

Look miraculously beautiful

So love your skin in 2021 and embrace these skincare resolutions for a healthy, clear, glowing complexion you can’t wait to show off!

Happy New Year from Miracles & More

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