6 Easy Tips to Get Glowing Skin for the New Year

Jan 5, 2021


When the ball drops and we ring in the New Year, one thing all of us would like to leave in the past is dull, lifeless skin.

But, with the excesses of the holiday season, from rich food to those glasses of bubbly, it can be difficult to get the dewy, glowing skin we want.

Luckily though, there are seven tips that can get your skin feeling and looking its best in record time. 

Glowing Skin Tip #1 – Don’t Skip the Cleanser

The dry winter air combined with that north wind can leave your skin dry and irritated. To combat those issues, restore hydration, and soothe your skin, it’s important to use a gentle, calming cleanser.

This is the first step to sweeping away the dead skin cells and impurities that dull your skin and revealing a radiant glow. That’s why we recommend our Chamomile Face Wash to comfort your skin during these winter days and help you start the New Year with the gorgeous, healthy, glowing skin you want.

Infused with extracts of chamomile, red clover, elder flower, and white willow bark, this light, foaming face wash helps to calm irritation, balance inflammation, and keep your complexion clear and even.

Glowing Skin Tip #2 – Make Sure to Exfoliate


To clear away all of the dead skin cells that build up through the harsh winter season, exfoliate with a product strong enough to get the job done but gentle enough not to irritate or strip your skin.

For velvety soft, smooth skin, we use our Mint Exfoliating Polish.

Formulated with sugar cane, it polishes the skin while apricot oil smooths and cleans the skin without drying. The polish is also enriched with aloe Vera and seaweed extracts for a soothing calm and the deep-down moisture you need during the winter months.

Glowing Skin Tip #3 – Use a Mask


One of our favorite tips for grabbing that dewy glow during this festive season is to use a treatment mask. That’s because the right mask can help you conquer even you most stubborn skin problems, from blemishes and dry patches to an uneven skin tone.

That’s why we love our Mineral Mud Mask.

It’s crafted using pure arctic mineral mud, with zero fillers.

Not only does this mask tone and detoxify skin to leave it baby smooth, it draws out impurities from deep within your pores and firms your skin after just one application.

Glowing Skin Tip #4 – Boost Your Skin’s Hydration

After one too many holiday parties, hydration is essential for skin that is plumped, vital, and glowing.

And, the easiest way to hydrate those skin cells at their deepest level is by using a hyaluronic acid serum infused with vitamin C and antioxidants.

Hyaluronic Acid draws moisture into your skin, leaving it revitalized and more youthful, while the antioxidants and vitamin C help combat photo-aging, neutralize free radicals, and brighten your complexion.

That’s why we recommend our Moisture Rejuvenation Serum to get your skin ready for the New Year.

Not only does it deliver the hyaluronic acid, vitamin C, and antioxidants your skin needs to look its best, it’s also infused with vitamin E and a next-generation peptide complex to balance inflammation, even tone, and target all signs of aging.

Glowing Skin Tip #5 - Lock in Moisture


Once you swipe that serum onto your face and neck, you want to lock in the moisture and take its hydrating power to the next level with a hyaluronic acid cream.

Our favorite moisturizer for this time of year is our Hydrating Mango Face Cream.

The hyaluronic acid in the cream intensifies the hydration you get from our Moisture Rejuvenation Serum plus its natural blend of 5 oils and exotic Mango and Shea Butter enhance skin elasticity, eases dryness, and smooths fine lines.

Glowing Skin Tip #6 – Add a Little Something Extra

Although addressing your skincare routine is the most important part to achieve that lit-from-within look, it never hurts to add a little something extra to amplify your glow.

That’s where our Sheer Glo Lotion comes in…

Using it on your face and décolleté gives you an instant glow, no matter what your skin tone, and illuminates your complexion.

The New Year is just around the corner and the time to revamp your skincare to achieve a radiant glow is now. So, use the tips above and get your glow on.

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