6 Perfect Valentine’s Day Gifts to Treat Yourself

Feb 12, 2021

Perfect Valentine’s Day Gifts 

Valentine’s Day is just around the corner. And while many of us think of it as a holiday to shop for our special someone, who says you can’t treat yourself too?

In fact, one of our favorite things about February 14th is it’s about luxury!

So instead of stressing out about plans and presents, why not treat yourself from head to toe with a super luxurious and cozy spa night at home?

And here are the best gifts you can give yourself in order to do just that…

#1 – Face Cleansing Lotion

To start your spa night right, you have to begin with a clean palette.

That’s why we love using our Young & Pure Botanical Cleansing Lotion. This milky lotion face cleanser is crafted from coconut and sugar beets and then infused with skin-soothing chamomile, cucumber, and Aloe Vera along with Japanese green tea.

It’s the perfect way to open and deeply cleanse your pores while deliver free radical combating antioxidants directly to your skin’s surface.

#2 – Face and Hand Exfoliator

Once your skin is perfectly cleansed, it’s time to whisk away the dead surface cells, so that your fresh, youthful best can shine through.

We recommend a gentle exfoliator, like our Exfoliator 3 in 1 that offers triple action skincare.

Crafted using only natural ingredients like sugar cane, it gently sweeps away the dead layer of cells while soothing and hydrating with apricot oils, aloe, green tea and seaweed. It acts as a deep down cleanser to banish those blackheads, exfoliates and peels the skin and establishes a balance between oils and moisture to tighten enlarged pores.

And remember, your hands will show signs of aging and dryness first, so while exfoliator your face is important, don’t miss whisking your formula across the backs of your hands as well.

#3 – Arctic Mineral Mud Mask

For pure and complete luxury, follow your exfoliating routine with a mask made from pure Arctic mineral mud.

Uniquely toning this mask not only detoxifies skin, leaving it silky smooth and supple, it also firms sagging cheeks and jawline and lifts away impurities after just one application.

#4 – Hydrating Face Cream

Now it’s time to richly hydrate your face and infuse it with moisture. And our fave is our Hydrating Mango Face Cream.

The scent alone lets you drift away to your favorite spa as its natural blend of 5 oils and exotic Mango and Shea Butter increase skin elasticity and ease dryness.

It’s pure, velvety indulgence!

#5 – Rich Body Butter

Of course, when you’re indulging your face, you don’t want to leave out the rest of your body!

That’s why we love a rich and creamy, simply gorgeous body butter featuring Shea Body Butter plus Chamomile flower extract to provide the rich, natural fats your skin needs to stay hydrated and firm.

It goes on thick and then melts into your skin, so that you feel beautifully moisturized and cared for.

#6 – Nourishing Hand Cream

Finally, coat your hands in the ultimate in hydration and nourishment using a hand cream formulated using botanical oils, including avocado and grape seed, plus rich and creamy Shea butter and skin-loving vitamins.

After all, if your eyes are the windows to your soul, your hands are the windows that reveal your age.

Have a Miraculous Valentine’s Day!

Most of all, we wish you a wonderful, special and safe Valentine’s from all of us here at Miracles & More!

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