Dry Hands? Discover 3 Steps to Refine Your Hands for a More Youthful Look

Jul 3, 2023

Next to the skin of our face and neck, our hands are the most likely parts of our bodies to reveal the secret of our age. And unfortunately, once hands become dry, matters can become even worse and even your closest friends might think you’re older than you truly are.

Luckily, caring for your hands and banishing dryness to turn back the clock is easy, as long as you follow three simple steps.

#1 – Exfoliate

Exfoliation isn’t only important to prevent fine lines and wrinkles from marring your face. In fact, as dry skin builds up across your body, you’re youthful appearance can suffer, especially when it comes to your hands.

That’s because dry skin results in more dead surface cells. These cells can show up as increased cracks and lines in your skin that cause it to appear older than it is.

Exfoliation whisks away these dead surface cells in order to reveal the fresh, youthful cells beneath.

That’s why to combat dry hands, we recommend exfoliating with our Miracles Polished Smoothing Body Scrub. A nourishing blend of Vitamin-C, Noni Fruit Extract, Shea Butter, Sugar, and Lavender, each use gently lifts away dead, dry skin cells, while providing added hydration for a visibly soft, renewed and glowing skin.

#2 – Add serums

Like with exfoliation, serums aren’t only for your face. In fact, using the proper serums can yield dramatic results for your hands too!

The key is to choose serums that address your specific skincare needs.

In the case of dryness, one of the best serums is our Miracles & More Hyaluronic Acid Rejuvenation Serum.

A combination of two of the most potent skincare ingredients available – hyaluronic acid and peptides – the serum addresses aging skin on two levels. When combined, hyaluronate goes to work to plump aging skin cells from within, thanks to its ability to hold up to 1,000 times its weight in water, while the peptides work to restore skin elasticity for an instant plumping action.

And while you can also get the benefits of hyaluronic acid in a cream, hands-down the most effective way to grab the benefits of its hydrating power plus a peptide punch is through a serum.

That’s because of all steps in your beauty routine, your serum is the one that’s capable of penetrating the deepest in order to deliver real, visible results.

#3 – Lock in moisture

Finally, lock in the benefits of your serum with a rich, luxurious hand crème to prevent moisture loss and block out every day irritants that dry and age skin. Just remember to choose a formula made specifically for the very dry skin of hands, like our Botanical Hand Protecting Cream.

Enriched with aloe, avocado oil and chamomile flower, the cream deeply hydrates, leveling up the results you see from your serum, while leaving no greasy residue.

It’s powerful care to prevent dryness.

Softer, smoother hands in three steps

Get the beautifully softer, smoother, more hydrated hands you want with these three easy steps.

After all, why should your hands tell the secret of your age?


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