Holiday Makeup Do’s and Don’ts

Jan 6, 2021

At Miracles & More, we love holiday makeup!

From fun and flirty to straight up glam, the holidays are your time to take your look up a notch and really shine.

That’s why we’ve got your must-have tips to go all out with your look and the do’s and don’ts that will keep you on track to makeup perfection.

Holiday Makeup Do #1 – Try something different

The holidays are a time to be bold and try something you’ve always wanted.

Whether it’s a bright red lip, like our Lipstick Extreme in Just Out or a delicious new look for your eyes, don’t be afraid to take chances!

Just remember that when you’re trying out a new look, practice makes perfect.

Plan to test out your look before that holiday party or night out, so that you will look and feel your glamourous best.

Holiday Makeup Do #2 – Shimmer and shine

The holidays are a perfect time to capture your all-over glow.

This means rocking your radiance with a highlighter you can use on your face, neck and even shoulders to glimmer brighter than the lights glittering in the trees.

Whisk our Sheer Glo Lotion in Glo Pink, Fake It or Paradise on before enjoying your holiday celebration.

Holiday Makeup Do #3 – Amp up the drama

Dramatic eyes are the perfect touch for every occasion.

Use an inky liner and go for a bold cat-eye look, lining your top and bottom lashes and layering on lengthening and volumizing mascara.

Holiday Makeup Do #4 – Make it an experience

When it comes time to apply your makeup, don’t rush.

Instead, put on your favorite holiday playlist, light a scented candle and enjoy every moment.

Having fun as you apply your makeup helps leave you radiant and glowing from the inside out.

Holiday Makeup Don’t #1 – Don’t forget to blend

If you plan to go bold with your blush for the holidays, remember the key to blushing perfection.

Sweep on a rosy pink blush, like our Unsung that will make everyone in the room stop and take notice and then…

Blend, blend and then blend again.

Begin with a light tough and softly layer on levels of pigment.

Holiday Makeup Don’t #2 – Don’t do it all at once

The holidays may be a time to be fearless when it comes to your makeup choices.

But it’s important to remember to pick one feature to highlight at a time.

So if you plan to do a shimmery shadow, keep the rest of your face neutral.

Going for bright cheeks?

Let them shine and stick with neutral lips and eyes.

Holiday Makeup Don’t #3 – Don’t forget to cleanse

Finally, be sure that when you get home from your holiday celebration to follow all of the steps in your skincare regimen before bed.

No matter how late your night is, you should never go to sleep with your makeup on unless you want to wake up to a breakout.

At minimum, you should opt for a lotion-based cleanser that melts away impurities.

And follow with a hydrating moisturizer infused with hyaluronic acid to combat the dehydration that comes with the cooler weather and those holiday cocktails.

Happy Holidays from Miracles & More!

Glo on and let your beauty shine.

Wishing you a miraculous holiday season from all of us at Miracles & More.



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