The Makeup Trick that Makes You Look like You’ve Had an Eye Lift

May 29, 2021

We’ve all spent more than a year now on Zoom meetings and conferences, video date nights, and online family celebrations. And by now, most of us have become experts on using our makeup to look brighter, more wide-awake and simply beautiful.

But there’s one makeup trick making the round that you may not have heard of…

The eye lift!

And all it takes is brown eye shadow and concealer.

What could be simpler?

Here’s how to fake an eyelift – no trip to the cosmetic surgeon required.

Step 1 – Conceal

To start, simply blend your concealer along your brown bone, including the inner corner of your eye. When you reach your eye’s outer corner, give a light flick upward.

To choose the perfect concealer, make sure to go with one that’s totally matte and has no shimmer. Our fave is our Miracles & More Liquid Collagen Enriched Concealer.

Expert tip:

Your concealer should be two shades lighter your skin tone – not too light or too dark.

Step 2 – Apply brown shadow

Once your concealer is in place, it’s time for the contour. We love a dark brown shadow like Toffee or Fixated for deep skin tones. Or go with Faith or Playboy for lighter tones.

You’ll first apply the shadow along your crease and then focus on creating a winged shape.

Step 3 – Blend, blend, blend

Now onto the most important step…

It’s time to blend away baby!

Using a brush blending at an upwards and outwards angle. This is what gives you that lifted effect you’re looking for.

Expert tip:

Don’t blend back toward your ear. Instead start with your brush at the outside corner of your eye and carefully blend up toward the edge of your eyebrow. It will open up your eyes, reshaping and redefining them.

And it’s absolutely perfect if you have saggy eyelids or eyes that are deep-set or hooded.

Step 4 – Mascara & Liner

Finally, apply a water-resistant mascara like Miracles & More Curl & Long Lashes Mascara that’s formulated to deliver extreme lashes up to 60% longer!

And don’t forget your liner.

We go with a simple mechanical eye pencil, perfect for smoky eyes with the same waterproof power of the mascara.

You’ve got the look!

Now, you’re all set.

Rock that eye lift and look your miraculous best. You deserve it!

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