Why Hyaluronic Acid is a Must for Glowing Skin All Winter Long

Jan 6, 2021

Hyaluronic Acid is a Must for Glowing Skin All Winter Long

Hyaluronic Acid also known as hyaluronan or even just HA is one of the most important ingredients to look for in your skincare products throughout the year. But during the harsher cold and winds of winter, hyaluronic acid isn’t just important, it’s an absolute must.

If you haven’t heard of the skincare powerhouse, here’s a quick crash course on what it is and why you need it, as well as the benefits you can expect with use.

What is HA?

A clear, but also gooey substance that your body naturally pumps out, hyaluronic acid is your body’s way of helping your skin draw in and lock down the moisture that keeps it plump. Yet, with the passage of time and exposure to UV radiation and toxins in the environment, like pollution, your HA levels begin to dramatically decrease.

When this happens, your skin’s moisture content goes down, its natural protective barrier is compromised, and fine lines and wrinkles start to creep in. Luckily however, you can replace the hyaluronic acid that your skin just can’t make anymore.

You simply have to know how to choose the right serums and creams to revitalize your skin’s HA content and replenish your moisture. Think of using HA as giving your thirsty skin a big drink of refreshing water.

The benefits of ramping up your moisture with hyaluronic acid

So what exactly are the benefits your skin can see when you make hyaluronic acid a part of your skincare regimen this winter?

#1 – Renewed radiance

By replenishing the moisture content of your skin, one of the most visible benefits you get with HA use is the radiance that comes with hydrated, happy skin.

#2 – Wrinkle smoothing

Since hyaluronic acid helps your skin retain large amounts of water, your skin stays moisturized. This works to smooth your skin, fill in fine lines and wrinkles to reduce their appearance, and even help guard against the development of future wrinkles.

#3 – Antioxidant protection

Hyaluronic acid is also a potent antioxidant, protecting your skin from the free radicals that accelerate aging and result in skin damage such as dark spots. This helps keep your skin looking fresh, healthy and vibrant.

#4 – Even tone

The little miracle molecule also works to powerfully calm redness to keep your complexion even as it works to diminish marks left from past breakouts. The result is crystal clear, glowing skin.

Our Hyaluronic Acid Faves

So if you’re ready to rejuvenate your skin this winter with hyaluronic acid, here are our top ___ favorite products packed with its moisture binding power.

Hyaluronic Acid Moisturizer

A rich moisturizer that may help the elasticity and moisture content of the skin, our Hyaluronic Acid Moisturizer leaves no oily residue, just soft, silky smooth skin. In addition to HA, this rich hydrator also delivers wild yam root to invigorate damaged skin and restore suppleness.

Moisture Rejuvenation Serum

This extra strong, anti- wrinkle serum uses an innovative mechanism of action to maintain the vitality of your skin cells and shield them from pollution damage, protect keratinocytes from oxidative stress and deliver instant (within 30 mins of application) and long-lasting moisturization. With this powerful serum, your hydration lasts for up to 48 hours thanks to it 100% natural, patented form of hyaluronic acid.

The one-two punch of the hydration provided by the hyaluronic acid in the serum, plus the intensive power of the moisturizer gives your skin the moisture it needs to look its best no matter what the winter brings.

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