6 Skincare & Makeup Tips Straight from Our Miracles & More Fans

Aug 4, 2021

Looking for new and easy ways to look your best every day?

Here are some creative suggestions straight from our Miracles & More fans.

They’re creative, simple and totally effective. And we hope you love them as much as we do!

Tip 1: Reduce Redness

If you’re eyes look a bit red and puffy when you wake each morning, why not swipe our Glowing Highlighter across your lids?

Its light shimmer not only evens out and diminishes that redness, it creates a great base if you plan to add shadow. And if you’re going natural, you’ll glow with no need to apply any makeup on top.

Tip 2: Calm Skin

If you have sensitive, irritated skin or skin that’s prone to redness and overheating in the summer months, simply store your favorite moisturizer – like our Hydrating Mango Face Cream or Collagen Plus Anti-Aging Moisturizer – in the refrigerator.

Each time you apply, it will deliver an incredible cooling sensation that calms and soothes your skin and gives you a spa-like feeling.

Tip 3: Clear Stuck On Makeup

If your face feels sticky and just plain gross after a long day in the heat – that type of feeling where your makeup and skin oils feel glued to your face – it’s time to switch up your cleansing routine.

Go for a creamy option, like our Botanical Cleansing Lotion infused with Sugar Beets, to deep cleanse those pores, whisk away dirt, grime, makeup and other buildup and fight off the free radical damage that comes with a day in the sun.

Tip 4: Banish Dry Skin

Let’s face it, the skin of your face isn’t the only place you can end up with that ashy, dryness that makes you look older than your years.

That’s why our 3-in-1 Exfoliator can work anywhere on your body to gently lift away the dry, dead surface cells of your face, knees, elbows, hands and more to reduce the look of fine lines and allow your moisturize to penetrate and hydrate more deeply.

Tip 5: Do Double Duty

Makeup can seem overwhelming with the seemingly infinite number of products available.

That’s why we created our Multi-Tasking 2-in-1 Blush & Shadow to do double duty.

Sweep on your cheeks for a soft blush and apply to lids for the monochromatic look that is on all the magazine covers right now.

Tip 6: Brighten Up

Finally, if you want look awake and wide-eyed, try dabbing our Glowing Highlighter at the inside corners of your eyes. This adds radiance and luminosity that lifts your look even on your most tired mornings.

Enjoy these amazing tips from Miracles & More fans like you. And get out there and have a miraculous summer!

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