7 Tips to Feel Good about Your Look in 60 Seconds or Less

Jan 6, 2021

At Miracles & More, this month is all about confidence, getting it, building it and remembering every time we look in the mirror that we are uniquely, miraculously ourselves. And since confidence is a beautiful thing, feeling better about yourself also makes you look better too.

That’s why we’ve put together seven tips that will help you look and feel your best that take less than a minute.

#1 – Cool down

If you wake up puffy eyed or can’t see the contours that make your gorgeous cheekbones pop, simply run an ice cube across your face. The cooling sensation not only helps stimulate circulation for a gorgeous flush, it closes and perfects your pores, and banishes the puff.

#2 – Spritz on

Dry skin can leave your face feeling tight and make fine lines and wrinkles more visible. So keep a hydrating, botanical face toner with you and spritz on as needed throughout the day. Our toner, with aloe vera, chamomile and Japanese green helps rejuvenate your skin and promote skin firmness.

#3 – Massage it out

Stress and tight muscles can significantly increase your body’s production of cortisol, which not only activates your fight-or-flight response, but also breaks down the collagen you need to keep your skin firm and lifted.

When you feel yourself getting tense, lightly massage your neck, shoulder and facial muscles for quick relaxation that will leave you looking beautifully refreshed.

#4 – Get moving

Rosy cheeks and a gorgeous flush make you look ready to face the day, even when you’re not ready to get out of bed. To boost your circulation and get your complexion glowing, jog in place or bust out as many jumping jacks as you can in one minute.

#4 – Boost your color

Even on a bad day, there’s always lipstick! And you can use it to add color to more than your lips. So if you’re in a hurry and just don’t have time to apply makeup for your full face, try whisking your lipstick across the apples of your cheeks and use it to lightly touch up your eyelids too.

#5 – Glow baby, glow

For the easiest path to glowing skin that lasts all day, apply a luminizing lotion before you leave the house. Our Sheer Glo Lotion gives an instant glow to all skin tones and can be worn alone or with foundation.

#6 – Drink up

For hydrated, healthy, radiant skin, reach for a glass of water. It only takes a few seconds to drink eight ounces and give your skin what it needs to look its best.

#7 – Smile

Finally, to look and feel your best, put on a happy face and smile! A smile not only lights up your face, it can make the people around you feel better too.

Be confident, be beautiful, be you

So get out there and let your natural, miraculous beauty shine through. And whenever you need a boost, try the 60 second tips above to look and feel your best.


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