Fast, Flawless Makeup Tricks to Look Your Best on Zoom Meetings

Feb 6, 2021

Fast, Flawless Makeup Tricks to Look Your Best on Zoom Meetings

Let’s face it, after working from home for close to a year, it’s easy to let your makeup routine slip a little, something that can become all too obvious when you’re staring at the little box with your image during your Zoom meeting. And of course, who among us hasn’t taken a virtual meeting without even changing out of our pajama bottoms?

Luckily, there are some easy tricks to looking polished on Zoom – even if you decide not to give up your pj’s.

#1 – Mattifying foundation

Choosing a matte foundation can help you look like you’ve gone all out with your makeup, without actually feeling like it. Not only is it a great choice for your day-to-day but it can also keep your face looking smooth and crease-free for Zoom calls.

For a weightless option, infused with wheat germ to boost your elasticity with each use, try our Miracles & More Flawless Foundation.

Designed for oil to acne-prone skin, it delivers the light to medium coverage you need to rock your virtual meetings.

#2 – Glowing skin

Before your next conference call, be sure to grab an added glow by applying a highlighting lotion to your face and decollate. This hint of shimmer reinvigorates your skin with a lit-from-within look that translates across the screen.

Be sure to contour your cheekbones, using blush that is a shade more vibrant than you would normally use, to avoid appearing “flat” on camera.

Our 2 in 1 Blush & Shadow in Mallcat or Dune is a great choice for going a bit brighter and adding life to your cheeks. As an added bonus, the shades can be used to highlight your eyes as well, creating a monochromatic look that is professional and sophisticated, but simple.

#3 – Concealing perfection

No matter how beautiful your skin, dark circles can shine through, leaving you looking exhausted, something you don’t want when meeting with your team or especially your boss. That’s why if you want to look your best, you should use a creamy concealer, like our long-wearing liquid concealer, that’s infused with collagen, to help reduce puffiness.

Use your fingers to quickly pat concealer on your under-eye are, at the inner corners of your eyes, and down the bridge of your nose. For extra sculpting and definition, swipe just above your jawline.

#4 – Bright eyes

Finally, curl your lashes and swipe on a volumizing mascara, like our Mascara Maximize, a creamy, water resistant mascara that provides extreme long lashes - up to 60 percent their normal length!

This helps to open up your eyes, making them appear brighter and more wide awake on screen, which is exactly what you want.

One last tip for a flawless look for your online meetings

And don’t forget that looking your best starts with the skincare you use every day.

Stick to a regular skincare routine morning and night, moisturize, hydrate and nourish your skin and the results will show each time you’re on camera!

Look your best, look miraculous with Miracles & More.

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