How to Get Your Skin Ready for Fall

Sep 21, 2022

The calendar flipping to September means that fall is here again, even if the cooler weather hasn’t set in just yet. And that makes it the perfect time to get your skin ready for the season, in order to transition from a sun-kissed summer to the dry skin worries of fall and winter.

Luckily, prepping your skin means banishing those worries and looking your beautiful best all year long. Here’s how to set your skin up for a happy transition to autumn…

#1 – Take shorter, cooler showers

Although we all like to luxuriate in a hot, steamy shower, spending too long under that hot water can strip your skin of essential oils that keep it hydrated, smooth and supple. So as fall rolls around, be sure to take shorter, lukewarm showers instead to preserve the oils that protect your skin’s natural beauty.

#2 – Exfoliate away those dead cells

As the days cool down, dead, dry cells can build up on the surface of your skin, leaving you with an uneven complexion and more visible lines and wrinkles. That’s why it’s important to step up your exfoliation game for fall.

Our favorite way to lift away those dead cells and get our skin fall ready is our 3-in-1 Gentle Mint Face Exfoliate.

An exfoliator, mask and cleanser, enriched with the refreshing power of mint, it not only softly whisks away dead skin cells that dull your complexion, but also deep cleans your pores, leaving them tighter and your skin firmed and lifted.

#3 – Switch to a gentle cleanser

Harsh cleansers can leave your skin dried out and thirsting for moisture. That’s why for fall, it’s especially important to use a supremely gentle cleanser to preserve your skin’s natural moisture balance and prevent dryness.

For the autumn season, we recommend our Coconut & Sugar Beets Botanical Cleansing Lotion.

Unlike a traditional face wash, this cleansing lotion is more on the milky side. It smooths over your skin to remove dirt and impurities to allow your skin to breathe, yet is extremely gentle. Thicker than your average face wash, our cleansing lotions helps to remove the oil and dirt that can pile onto your skin, while delivering higher levels of hydration than a face wash, something that’s especially important for dry and aging skin.

#4 – Get more moisture

While it’s important to moisturize your skin year-round, the drier weather and cooler temps of fall make hydration vital to combat skin dryness.

We recommend upping your hydration two ways – first through a hydrating serum, like our Hyaluronic Acid Rejuvenating Face Serum and second using our Hyaluronic Moisturizer.

Both of these skin-loving products are infused with hyaluronate, which goes to work to hydrate and plump aging skin cells from within, thanks to its ability to hold up to 1,000 times its weight in water.

#5 – Drink more water

Finally, to get your skin ready for fall, you should also work to hydrate your body from within by drinking more water on a daily basis. That’s because when temperatures drop, the moisture from your skin evaporates more easily. This makes it essential to supplement your moisture by staying hydrated. This will help keep you looking and feeling your best.

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