About the Founder

It began with a passion inspired by nature,

A love of creating products that celebrate the therapeutic properties of nature’s ingredients.

Sara Ali, started out creating healing and wholesome products in her kitchen.

She took raw, pure, natural ingredients and carefully crafted them into treatments for hair and skin. Her first customers were friends and family who wanted a way to nourish themselves the natural way. When she married and had her two children, Sara had less time to dedicate to formulating. Being a mother has always been a dream for her and she wanted to enjoy spending every second with her two beautiful girls.

But she always dreamed of creating her own line of all-natural products, teaching her children about the beauty of ambition and self-belief.

Moving to the US from the Middle-east where she was born, and lived for more than 30 years, was a big challenge for her, but as she always says "challenges are what makes us stronger". She fell in love with Coronado Island, years before moving to the US, and she told her husband then that "this is where I want to live and raise our kids". In 2018, she moved to Coronado where she started a new life with her family. She started her own Skincare & Cosmetic brand in 2019 as she has always dreamed. 

Her favorite phrase? Believe in all the miracles you can be and more. So when Sara completed her Certification and Diploma in Organic Skincare Formulation at Formula Botanica, and began her own skincare and Cosmetics line, she couldn't think of a better name for her natural products, Miracles & More.

When we asked her why Miracles & More, she said: "Miracles & More is all about the miracle of nature, it is about creating my own miracles in life. And most of all, it is about helping women nourish themselves using only the finest natural ingredients, the Miracles 

It is inspired by nature.

Sara Ali CEO & Founder of Miracles & More Signature