Miracles & More Skincare Ingredients



Our 5 secret beauty ingredients are:

1- Hyaluronic Acid also known as hyaluronan or even just HA is one of the most important ingredients to look for in your skincare products throughout the year. But during the harsher cold and winds of winter, hyaluronic acid isn’t just important, it’s an absolute must.

What is HA?

A clear, but also gooey substance that your body naturally pumps out, hyaluronic acid is your body’s way of helping your skin draw in and lock down the moisture that keeps it plump. Yet, with the passage of time and exposure to UV radiation and toxins in the environment, like pollution, your HA levels begin to dramatically decrease.

When this happens, your skin’s moisture content goes down, its natural protective barrier is compromised, and fine lines and wrinkles start to creep in. Luckily however, you can replace the hyaluronic acid that your skin just can’t make anymore.

You simply have to know how to choose the right serums and creams to revitalize your skin’s HA content and replenish your moisture. Think of using HA as giving your thirsty skin a big drink of refreshing water.

2-  Bioactive Peptide Complex

At Miracles & More, we believe in the power of bioactive ingredients, we want to give you a deep dive into exactly what that word means as well as how you can use bioactive ingredients in order to get the healthy, smooth, lifted, luminous skin you want.

What is bioactive in skincare?

To break it down, bioactive simply means that a substance can have an effect on a biological organism – your skin, for example.

But, that definition might be just a little too simplistic…

To go a little deeper, this means that in order to be bioactive, an ingredient must be able to actually create a result, such as transform the skin, enhance collagen production, even tone or texture, or boost firmness.

That means that bioactive ingredients have to be active! And that’s exactly what makes them so valuable in skincare since that activity gives them the power to deliver visible results.

One of the most important bioactive ingredients to look for is peptides – or more specifically, a bioactive peptide complex.

The reason for this is because bioactive peptides have the power to deliver truly transformative results due to their ability to lift and revitalize skin while smoothing fine lines and wrinkles. If you haven’t heard of peptides before or aren’t using them in your skincare routine, what you should know is that peptides help to make up for the loss and breakdown of collagen and elastin in your skin as you age. They act as building blocks for these proteins in order to combat sagging, fill in lines, and resurface skin for an even, smooth tone and texture.

3- Mango Butter 

Mango Butter is a hard-white fat extracted from the big seed inside the Mango Fruit. This beauty product has its roots from South Africa and has become popular in other countries as well. It is considered India’s King of Fruits, its INCI name is Mangifera Indica Botanical. It has been used widely in Asia as a traditional medicine to strengthen the heart, improve brain activity and increase the body immunity.

Mango Butter has a lot of benefits for skin. Being enriched with antioxidants, Vit.C, A & E makes it a great product to soften the skin, treat dermatitis, sunburns, and eczema. It also moisturizes and protects the skin from UV rays. There are also other impressive benefits of mango butter like preventing premature aging, healing wounds, strengthening the immune system, and lowering your risk of chronic diseases.

Some of the great benefits of Mango Butter:

  • Reduces Wrinkles & fine lines.
  • Effective treatment for Acne Prone Skin.
  • Moisturizes & protects skin & hair.
  • Anti-blemish treatment.
  • Treats rashes, sunburns, Eczema & helps heal wounds fast.
  • Effective treatment for dark spots.

 4- Chamomile Extract 

A powerful ingredient that magically soothes irritated and problematic skin. Contains flavonoids that can diminish skin's blemishes and assist in healing. Adding it to our skincare wash & cleansers is a must for calming irritated skin & treating skin breakouts & acne. 

5- Japanese Green Tea
Reported to fight damage from excessive sun and environmental exposure. Primarily this ancient Asian plant has the ability to prevent free radicals from damaging cell structure further.